The Magus

Based on the Battlecaster from Dragon #243
Ability Requirements: Strength 9, Intelligence 12
Prime Requisites: Strength, Intelligence
Allowed Races: Human

There are those who spend their lives poring over ancient tomes and texts, unlocking the power of magic, and there are those who spend their time perfecting the use of individual weapons, becoming masters without equal. The magus is at once a student of both philosophies, blending magical ability and martial prowess into something entirely unique, a discipline in which both spell and steel are used to devastating effect. As he grows in power, the magus unlocks powerful forms of arcana that allow him to merge his talents further, and at the pinnacle of his art, the magus becomes a blur of steel and magic, a force that few foes would dare to stand against.

The magus is a human warrior who has incorporated magical study into his usual martial training. This could be because the magus joined a military group, or perhaps it is the result of hobby-style study with a wizard mentor. The principal attributes of a magus are Strength and Intelligence. Any member of this class with scores of 16 or better in each of these abilities gains an additional 10% bonus to earned experience.

A magus may be of any alignment. However, if a player selects a military background for his character, Lawful alignment should be seriously considered.

Due to the extensive time magus spend in study, they are somewhat weaker than normal warriors. They use the 8-sided die for hit points. A magus is not allowed Warrior Constitution bonuses or exceptional Strength.

Magus are able to learn any weapon of their choice. However, because heavier armor makes it difficult to cast mage spells, magus are limited to wearing armor of AC 5 or worse.

Although a capable warrior, the magus' main focus is combining the skills of a fighter with the casting of mage spells. To this end, the magus must choose a single school of magic to study. Thereafter he is bound to that school alone, and may not change. The spell limits and progression are limited by Intelligence Table 4 (PHB), and Wizard spell progression Table 21 (PHB). Do not confuse this limitation with the abilities of a specialist wizard. Unlike the specialist, a magus gains no bonuses when casting spells from his chosen school, and he cannot learn spells from any other school. However, the magus is able to research new spells in his school but still gains no bonuses. This is all due to the rigors of the rest of the class abilities (i.e., fighting).

A magus uses the combat value of a warrior but makes saving throws as a wizard. He is able to employ magical items usable by warriors and wizards, as long as they meet the limits of the class.

Finally, at 9th level, a magus can attract a following of men-at-arms, in the same manner as a fighter. For this purpose, use the rules listed in the PHB for fighters. However, for the Elite Unit roll on Table 3 below.

Table 1: Magus Experience Levels
Level XP XP (d8)
1 0 1
2 2,200 2
3 4,400 3
4 8,800 4
5 20,000 5
6 40,000 6
7 80,000 7
8 150,000 8
9 280,000 9
10+ +300,000/level +2 hp/level

Table 2: Magus Proficiencies
Weapon: Initial 2, #levels 3, Penalty -2
Nonweapon: Initial 4, #levels 3
Nonweapon Proficiency Groups: Warrior, Wizard, General.

Money: As Warrior.
Notes: Weapon specialization not allowed.
Attacks per Round: Use Table 15 in the Player’s Handbook.

Table 3: Magus Elite Unit Followers
Roll……Elite Unit
01-20…Ten 2nd-level half-elf fighter/mages, with scale mail +1, long swords +1, and short bows.
21-45…Five 3rd-level mages, with bracers of defense AC 4, staves, daggers, and darts.
46-65…Ten mounted knights (1st level fighters with field plate, large shield, lance, broadsword, morning star, and heavy warhorse with full barding).
66-99…Five 4th-level magus with chainmail +2, bastard sword +2, and light warhorse.
00…DM’s Option

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