Hemotheurge (Bloatmage) Kit

Hemotheurges—more commonly and derogatorily referred to as bloatmages—are sorcerer who believe there’s literal truth to the old aphorism that “magic runs in the blood.” By magically overriding their bodies’ fail-safes and producing more blood than they need, bloatmages are able to greatly increase their magical abilities, but at the cost of becoming grotesque, bloated masses of engorged flesh. Even more significant than any cosmetic changes, the stresses on a bloatmage’s body can prove dangerous to both them and those around them, for if the cephalic pressure on a bloatmage’s brain becomes too great, she flies into a murderous rage before falling unconscious and quickly bleeding out. Such obvious drawbacks keep most from walking the path of the bloated ascetics, but the bloatmages dismiss those detractors who lack the courage to follow in their footsteps, noting that in the pursuit of power and self-perfection, all other concerns are secondary.

Hemotheurges are a kit for the Channeller class with the following changes:

1. Blood Pool: Instead of Spell Points, a bloatmage has blood points. They are calculated the same as spell points, however, instead of gaining extra spell points from a high charisma score, a bloatmage gains extra spell points from a high constitution score.
Table: Bonus Spell Points for Constitution
Constitution…..Bonus Spell Points
20+……………….5 (max)

2. Bloatmages become fatigued like normal Channellers, with the additional problem that if they become fatigued they must make a saving throw vs spells any time more blood points are used or fly into a homicidal rage, striking out randomly with her most damaging attacks and abilities at friends and foes alike for 1d6 rounds or until her blood pool is reduced to 0 (whichever comes first). While in this homicidal rage the bloatmage ignores fatigue penalties. At the end of the rage, her blood points drop to 0, her hit points drop to –1, and she begins dying.

3. Some bloatmages conduct constant rituals involving leeches or exsanguination in an attempt to regulate their systems. These rituals, which must be undertaken daily during spell preparation, give the bloatmage a +2 bonus on the saving throw to avoid flying into a homicidal rage, but at the price of a –2 penalty to Constitution. This penalty cannot be removed, save by the bloatmage abandoning the rituals for a day (also during spell preparation), which removes it immediately.

4. Bonus nonweapon proficiency of Healing.

5. Hemophilia. Bloatmages are particularly susceptible to bleeding. Healing checks made to heal a Bloatmage suffer a -2 penalty. Hits caused by piercing or slashing weapons do an additional +1 damage against a Bloatmage and they lose 1 blood point.

6. Corpulence: Due to his bloated girth, a Bloatmage suffers a -2 penalty to all Dexterity-based checks (including proficiencies). Their base movement is reduced by 3.

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