Arug grew up in the Ashwood, in a small village remote from any other people or others of their own kind. His tribe was a peaceful people, hunting only when food was needed, avoiding conflicts when the other intelligent denizens of the forest made contact. Arug's first 6 years were spent learning the customs and beliefs of his people.
Unfortunately, this all changed in his 7th year, when a group of humans attacked his tribe, killing most of the 40 Alaghi living there. Arug and two other youths were taken prisoner, and were soon sold into slavery. He spent the next 7 years training as a pit fighter, forced to kill creatures and humanoids alike to please his owner. His increasing size and strength, coupled with his intelligence, made Arug a formidable combatant in the pit. During his time in the gladiatorial pits, learned to fight with many weapons common to the pits, as well as becoming very proficient using his fists. All through his training, Arug was tortured with various techniques, with hanging in a net for hours on end as one of the favorites of his keepers.
All through this time, Arug never lost his revulsion for killing for no obvious reason, and resented his owner for forcing him to do so. He constantly looked for an opportunity to escape, and at the age of 15, Arug finally had his chance, and escaped with only his favored weapon (his polearm). Unfortunately, he was forced to kill the guard watching over the pit fighters, and Arug was unable to convince his fellow fighters to leave with him.
With the help of an unnamed druid, Arug made his way to the town of Sandpoint, where he was told he would meet someone who would be able to help him exact revenge on not only the slave owner that had tortured him for 7 years, but also against those who had initially kidnapped him.
Arug now plans on using his next few years training and becoming stronger, to allow him to exact that revenge. He doesn't know when he will meet this person who will help him, or even what that person looks like, but believes in his heart that the time will come when he is ready.

1. Gabe grew up seeking adventure and let his imagination roam wild. When he was old enough he moved to Korvosa and began working on ships. Life on the high seas was not the adventure he thought it would be, and so he began to seek out work as a mercenary. This too did not satisfy his cravings so he began to do odd jobs for people in a variety of fields. A few years ago he bought a ship and founded a band of treasure hunters. Treasure hunting merged with pirating, and one day not long ago his First Mate Aram Fivewinds betrayed him to the local authorities in Korvosa and took his ship and his business. Gabe escaped to Sandpoint hoping to start fresh, and find many new adventures.
2. After arriving in Sandpoint he had drinks with two half-orc fellows named Kobb and Kurzek. They told him about their exploits, but Kobb didn't seem like the brightest bulb so Gabe chalked it up to drunken stories of fancy. For nights after he heard other townsfolk talking of what this group had done and he cursed himself for passing up an opportunity to join them. When he heard of Kobb's death, he agreed to accompany the group to seek justice, and hopefully find some adventure in the process.
3. He's got his reservations about the big Alaghi thing with them. He's a fairly worldly fellow, but he's pretty sure that a thing that big could beat him to a pulp, and that hurts his rather large ego.
4. He's heard talks of a fiery Elven Ranger named Shalelu who he doesn't know yet, but hopes to soon. Nothing like a warrior woman to get the blood going.
5. Aram Fivewinds has become his nemesis and he hopes to one day get revenge.

1.Sephara was born a bastard to a noble family in Magnimar. Although raised by her Elven mother, her father was not a man who still believed in his responsibilities as a father, and thus provided the entrance fee for Sephara to attend the Mage's Academy there. It was during her schooling she learned studied ancient history and fell in love with it. Since graduating she has been doing research on the Thassalonian Empire, seeking to discover it's long lost secrets and is building a small reputation in the subject. After unearthing some remnants of the Thassalonians, Brodert Quink wrote to Sephara of the group's discovery, and she has ventured from Magnimar to Sandpoint to learn more.
2. Upon her arrival, she spent the night in conversation with Toran Stargazer and was delighted to find out that he seemed to have a fondness for books and history as well.
3. She scorns the worship of deities and thinks the practice to be for the foolish and ignorant. While she accepts that the bulk of the common folk believe in some God or Goddess, she has a particular aversion to priests and such.
4. She is good friends with Brodert Quink and has often helped her with her research. He is a good friend and mentor.
5. Her noble half-brother Roland Brightfist has tormented her since they were children and has never accepted her as part of their family.


Vicoren Shieldheart is a middle aged Priest of Desna born and raised in the city of Magnimar he joined the order of Desna to please his parents his father being a high ranking priest of his order, he has lived a quiet life for the most part serving as a scribe for the church and a local historian, he first met Toran when he was a serving as an acolyte, Toran was 6 and Vicoren desperately tried to bring the apparently homeless child in under the protection of the church, occasionally feeding and clothing Toran but never able to keep him under the roof of the church for more than a night or so he recognized the tremendous amount of free spirit in the boy and knew without proper guidance and the teaching of virtues the boy could easily stray down the wrong path. Vicoren never forced anything on Toran but quickly became supportive of his vast thirst for knowledge teaching him all that he could about the church and the history of varisia and magnimar. But he knew that Toran had other teachers as well ones teaching him the ways of the street and how to lye cheat and steal. Vicoren never supported those things in the boy, but neither did he condemn them, instead he nurtured the boy and taught him the rewards of living a good life and doing the right thing. Truly Toran was the closest thing Vicoren ever had to a little brother and revered him as such, Vicoren left on a pilgrimage for the order and was gone nearly a year when he returned to find the boy had been cast from the city warned not to return by one of the local merchant lords, Vicoren fearing that the boy may be in trouble still not out of his youth he set out up the coast in search of his friend praying to Desna for the boy's safety.

Toran Stargazer faithful worshiper of the goddess Desna and orphan of the streets of Magnimar, Little More than a boy Toran has grown up for as long as he can remember on the streets of Magnimar. In his youth ward of whomever had the biggest heart, and since his coming of age ward of the Alley’s and Docks of Magnimar “forging” for whatever wares will help him live comfortably through the next week, And learning whatever he could from whomever would teach him, his favoured spoil was literature never was there a bigger smile on Torans face then when he came in the possession of a new book. Toran never had formal schooling so he would take what knowledge he could from the books he came across. Toran was never a greedy one only steeling what he had to for survival and perhaps skimming a little off the top of a far too wealthy merchant and sharing it with his fellows in the less well off sections of Magnimar. No friend of Torans knows his actual surname but Stargazer was given to him by Banak Goldmallut one of the local Dwarven Blacksmiths who would always catch the adolescent Toran behind his shop on clear nights hands in his pockets eyes to the sky in wonderment of the beautiful canvas of stars over the docks or Magnimar. Unfortunately for Toran he was recently forced to flee Magnimar after He was unceremoniously caught raiding the Library of one of the local Lords he managed to escape the city guard after his brief incarceration and wasted no time in making his way up the coast to the near by town of sand point which he had heard nothing but good things about, and if he makes good time he may even make Desna’s Swallowtail festival in time enough to do some celebrating for his new beginning.

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  • Sczarni taking issue with Ameiko's and Sheriff Hemlock's pets
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