Goddess of dreams, stars, travellers and luck

While the other gods created the world, legend holds that Desna was busy placing stars in the heavens above, content to allow the other deities to create a place full of wonders for her and her faithful to explore. Since that day, all those who look up to the stars find themselves wandering in the endless mysteries of the sky.

Desna often appears as a comely elven woman, clad in billowing gowns with brightly colored butterfly wings on her back. Delicate clouds of butterf lies frequently accompany her image.

Wanderers at heart, the faithful of Desna travel the world in search of new experiences, while always trying to live life to its fullest. Their temples are light, open affairs, with most possessing a skylight to allow in the night sky and a significant number of astrological charts to mark important celestial events.

Priest of Desna
REQUIREMENTS: Wisdom 12, Constitution 12. Wisdom or Constitution 16 means +5% experience; Wisdom and Constitution 16 means +10% experience.
WEAPONS: Starknife (favoured, see below), club, knife, lasso, net, quarterstaff, sling, sling staff.
Note: Besides the starknife, these weapons reflect "weapons of opportunity", the sort of weapons characters can make from things found on the road. The priest doesn't have to find his weapons but these weapons are the sort that he could make from found items.
ARMOR: Leather armour, no shields (nothing that may limit movement).
SPHERES: Major in All, astral, chaos, liberation (see below), numbers, protection, travelers. Minor in Combat, creation, healing
MAGICAL ITEMS: Same as cleric
REQ. PROFS: Direction sense
BONUS PROFS: Navigation, Astrology
TURN UNDEAD: As cleric

  • may cast Dispel Fatigue once per day.
  • may create starshine (as the 3rd-level priest spell) once per day. For each five additional levels, a priest gains the ability to create starshine again that day.
  • receive a +3 bonus to direction sense proficiency checks.
  • At 4th level or later, they can spend a second weapon proficiency for the starknife. The second proficiency enables the starknife to act as a boomerang and return to the priest on any missed thrown attack. The starknife does not return on a successful hit. There are no additional benefits for the second weapon proficiency slot.
  • At 5th level, may use wizard Dream spell once per day.
  • At 6th level, may use the wizard spell Wizard Eye once per day. However, upon casting the spell the priest falls asleep for its duration. If the priest is woken the spell ends.
  • At 10th level, gains the ability to transform into a swarm of diminutive butterflies. A priest in swarm form does not do any damage to creatures she’s swarming over. The swarm form is immune to weapon damage but is vulnerable to mundane fire attacks (torches, alchemical fire, burning oil, and so on), and energy attacks from weapon (such as flaming and frost) deal full damage even though the basic weapon damage has no effect. Although a swarm cannot make attacks, can cast spells as normal while in swarm form (although spells with material components could prove difficult).
  • At 11th level, able to find the path (as the 6th-level priest spell) once a day.

Liberation Sphere
Pass without trace (1st)
Remove Fear (1st)
Remove Paralysis (3rd)
Remove Curse (3rd)
Dispel Magic (3rd)
Free Action (4th)
Impregnable Mind (5th)

New Weapon:
Starknife cost 20 gp, weight 3, size M, type P, speed factor 2, damage 1d6(S-M) 1d4(L), Range S1 M2 L3

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