Chelish Devil Binder

Based on the "Thaumaturgist" kit on page 13 of the 'Guide to Hell'.

The prestigious Egorian Academy of the Magical Arts in Cheliax’s capital city teaches a full spectrum of magic, both specialized and universalist, but the college is best known for its Infernal Binding program in the school of conjuration. An infernal binder learns the Names of Hell, and can use those powers to summon and bind devils to do her bidding. If she makes a single mistake in the binding, she opens herself to an eternity of torment. Egorian Academy wizards are recognized across Avistan as premier practitioners of the arcane arts. Many hold high positions in magical colleges across Golarion, but most seek to return one day to teach at their alma mater in Egorian.

Description: Devil-Binders are wizards who specialize in matters diabolic. Unlike diabolists, who embrace the evil of hell, Devil-Binders use their knowledge to control the powers of Hell. They usually have extensive libraries, including books that may have been banned by civil or religious authorities. Through their study of such forbidden tomes, they have learned much about Hell and its denizens. They also master magical techniques that make them a true threat to devils wherever the minions of lawful evil are encountered.

Role: Devil-Binders play two roles. On one hand, they are experts who can dispense sound advice on dealing with devils. On the other hand, they are masters of magic who can take on and control devils. Both roles require study, training, and excellent critical faculties. Histories written about the Lower Planes, while a valuable resource, are always filled with clever deceptions and outright lies. Separating out the true from the false is perhaps the most challenging aspect of being a devil-binder.

This kit is open to all wizards except illusionists and transmuters, who lack the ability to use the crucial sphere of abjuration.

Alignment: Lawful Evil, Lawful Neutral, Neutral Evil, or Neutral.

Weapon Proficiencies: Devil-Binders receive the weapon proficiencies and choices of the wizard class. They tend to favor staves because they are handy for parrying when the fight gets up close and personal.

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Bonus: Ancient History (Hell), Devil Lore (see below). Required: Read/Write (Infernal), Spellcraft. Recommended: (General) Heraldry; (Rogue) Forgery; (Wizard) Religion.

Equipment: In addition to their normal starting gold and equipment, Devil-Binders receive 1d10x10 gp worth of arcane tomes on a variety of topics. These are likely books the character copied from her mentor during her apprenticeship.

Special Benefits: Devil-Binders learn special spellcasting techniques to make their magic more effective against devils. The primary aim of these techniques is to circumvent the magic resistance of the target. Whenever a Devil-Binder casts a spell at one or more devils, the
magic resistance of the target(s) is reduced by 2% for each level of the caster.

A Devil-binder will summon an Imp as a familiar using the Find Familiar spell.

At 1st level, a devil-binder can attempt to gain control over a summoned creature by disrupting the bond between it and the caster who summoned it. The caster who originally summoned the creature gets to make a saving throw vs spells to negate. If the devil-binder knows the summoned creature’s name, the saving throw is made with a -2 penalty. If the caster's saving throw fails, the devil-binder can control the summoned creature as if they had summoned it for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your wizard level (minimum 1 round). When the devil-binder's control ends, the creature reverts to the control of its summoner for the remainder of the duration of the summoning.

At 7th level, Devil-Binders learn how to prevent devils from using their gate ability to bring in reinforcements from Hell. When a devil attempts to gate in further devils, a Devil-Binder who has not acted yet in that round can attempt to disrupt the calling. By throwing raw magical power at the coalescing gate, the Devil-Binder reduces the chance of success by 15% +1% per level. Whether or not the gate is disrupted, the attempt counts as the wizard's action for the round (so he cannot also cast a spell, for instance).

Also, Devil-Binders learn how to research the true names of devils, often by using their own libraries. Each attempt takes 2d12 months of research time, and has a chance of success of 2% per level of the Devil-Binder (this increases to 3% if the wizard has access to the legend lore spell). The DM can modify this chance as appropriate and may deem that the true names of particular devils are simply too well hidden to be found. A wizard must know the target's true name to cast the spells cacofiend, ensnarement, spirit wrack, and true name (see below).

Special Hindrances: Devil-Binders must spend at least half of their income purchasing arcane books and other magical and nonmagical apparatus. They are also likely to attract the attention of locals. Outside of Cheliax, they may have problems with superstitious peasants, intolerant churches, or authoritarian governments.

Wealth Options: devil-binders receive (1d4+1)x10 gp in starting money This money can be spent freely, but any further earnings are subject to the hindrance detailed above.

New Nonweapon Proficiency: Devil Lore
Wizard and Priest groups
1 slot - Inteliigence
Those who know Devil Lore have studied devils and their habits. On a successful check, they can identify devils by type on sight.
Additional checks allow them to remember specific abilities and weaknesses of the identified devil.

New Spells:
Cacofiend (7th-level wizard) - see Guide to Hell pg 20

Exorcise (4th-level cleric) - see Guide to Hell pg 21

Minor Pact (3rd-level wizard) - see Guide to Hell pg 21

Major Pact (5th-level wizard) - see Guide to Hell pg 21

Native Item (4th-level wizard) - see Guide to Hell pg 22

Spirit Wrack (6th-level wizard) - see Guide to Hell pg 22

Summon Least Devil (3rd-level wizard) - see Guide to Hell pg 23 (Summon Least Baatezu)

Summon Lesser Devil (3rd-level wizard) - see Guide to Hell pg 23 (Summon Lesser Baatezu)

True Name (7th-level wizard) - see Guide to Hell pg 23

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