Gabriel Solomon

1. Gabe grew up seeking adventure and let his imagination roam wild. When he was old enough he moved to Korvosa and began working on ships. Life on the high seas was not the adventure he thought it would be, and so he began to seek out work as a mercenary. This too did not satisfy his cravings so he began to do odd jobs for people in a variety of fields. A few years ago he bought a ship and founded a band of treasure hunters. Treasure hunting merged with pirating, and one day not long ago his First Mate Aram Fivewinds betrayed him to the local authorities in Korvosa and took his ship and his business. Gabe escaped to Sandpoint hoping to start fresh, and find many new adventures.

2. After arriving in Sandpoint he had drinks with two half-orc fellows named Kobb and Kurzek. They told him about their exploits, but Kobb didn't seem like the brightest bulb so Gabe chalked it up to drunken stories of fancy. For nights after he heard other townsfolk talking of what this group had done and he cursed himself for passing up an opportunity to join them. When he heard of Kobb's death, he agreed to accompany the group to seek justice, and hopefully find some adventure in the process.

3. He's got his reservations about the big Alaghi thing with them. He's a fairly worldly fellow, but he's pretty sure that a thing that big could beat him to a pulp, and that hurts his rather large ego.

4. He's heard talks of a fiery Elven Ranger named Shalelu who he doesn't know yet, but hopes to soon. Nothing like a warrior woman to get the blood going.

5. Aram Fivewinds has become his nemesis and he hopes to one day get revenge.

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