Gunner Kit (based on the Sharpshooter kit from the Complete Book of Dwarves)

A Gunner is highly skilled with the arquebus. He has spent the majority of his youth training as a gunner, and has had regular practice with his gun. He is skilled in rapid loading and expert at inflicting the most damage possible with his weapon. Exuding confidence in his abilities, he tends to disdain those who resort to hand-to-hand combat.

Role: When in battle, a Gunnner's targets are enemy officers, wizards, and clerics, to prevent them from coordinating attacks or casting spells.

Weapon Proficiencies: A Gunner must be a specialist with an Arquebus (and, therefore, must be a fighter). He may not begin play with any hand weapon specializations, but may learn them later in his career.

Bonus Nonweapon Proficiencies: Artistic Ability, Blacksmithing, Endurance.

Recommended Nonweapon Proficiencies: Alertness, Appraising, Direction Sense, Rope Use, Sign Language, Signalling.

Equipment: Gunners start with an Arquebus, a supply of perfectly molded arquebus balls and superior gunpowder at no cost.

Special Benefits: In addition to his arquebus specialization, he fires faster than other specialists: Levels 1 to 6 once every 2 rounds; Levels 7 to 12 once per round; Level 13+ twice per 3 rounds.

This increased rate of fire assumes that the Gunner has time to lay out his balls and powder in easy reach, minimizing the time required to reload. He gains these advantages only with his own arquebus.

Special Hindrances: Gunners may not start with any hand weapon specialization, and are limited to short weapons, daggers, and hand axes.
If a Gunner loses his arquebus or his balls, he loses his Special Benefits. He cannot just grab another arquebus; it must first be used for 1d4 weeks to "break it in."
Wealth Options: Gunners start with 2d4x10 gp, plus their own arquebus.

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