Jayne Cobb

Jayne Cobb was traveling down some road and came upon Brother Casey who was being attacked by some manner of dangerous thing (wolf pack or something) Jayne unleashed a torrent of fantastical magical energy saving Casey from the danger, then falling unonscious from fatigue. When he awoke Brother Casey was speeding his recovery from his exhaustion and they became travelling companions and friends.

Jayne doesnt really give much thought to enemies, he tries to get through life with a jovial attitude. Yet he feels compelled to help people in need due to the circumstances of him discovering his magic (ill elaborate at the end). Due to his habit of helping those he feels are in need or deserving of help, he has drawn some unwanted attention to himself by thwarting a con artists devious plot. The half-elf con artist, Gabaldon, tried to get back at Jayne, but was bested in the exhange and quickly left Magnimar.

At the age of 17 or 18, he cant quite remember, Jayne's family was traveling back to their farm outside of Magnimar and were set upon by some brigands, which was unusual in itself because the area was usually very peaceful. Having no weapons or means to defend themselves they prepared to give these men what they wanted. However, Jayne started to feel invigorated, he stretched out his hand not completely sure of what he was doing and unleashed a catastrophic display of magical power, destroying the brigands. He awoke hours later confused with what had happened, when he looked at his family he could see awe in their eyes, awe, but fear also. Over the coming months and years he learned a rudimentary control over his new found abilities and used them to help his family and village prosper. This earned him much gratitude from people in the area, but Jayne felt that he could better serve the world if he knew more of his abilities. So he left his home and travelled out seeking knowledge to empower himself, but mostly so that he could use that power to help others.

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