Languages of Golarion

Common (Taldane): One of the oldest languages in use in the Inner Sea region, Taldane is also the most widely spoken.

Hallit: Spoken by the Kellid people of the far north, Hallit is a course, rough-sounding language with a vocabulary centred on survival and war.

Kelish: Throaty, phlegmatic and passionate, this language derives from the tribal tongues of the Padishah Empire of Kelesh in the distant east.

Osiriani: The most widespread language in the south, Osiriani is directly descended from Ancient Orisiani. Modern Orisiani readers can, with some effort, decipher writings made in Ancient Orisiani.

Polyglot: Polyglot is the collective name given to numerous dialects of the Mwangi tribesfolk inhabiting central and western Garund. Surprisingly, the various tribes can generally understand each other, and it is believed all the dialects are derived from an unknown root language. Polyglot is spoken mainly in the Mwangi Expanse, the Shackles and Sargava.

Shoanti: Spoken by the Shoanti people of Varisia, this language has many similarities to Varisian, Hallit, and ancient Thassilonian. A person who speaks any of these three language can communicate basic ideas to a Shoanti, although learning the language is necessary to truly earn these proud people's trust.

Skald: Skald is the language of the people of the far north-west of Avistan, the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. It sounds both sonorous and harsh to the southern ear and has a chanting, sing-songy quality. Skald uses the dwarven alphabet with a few letters imported from Taldane. Other than in its homeland, it is also spoken in Brevoy, Irrisen, and Ustalav.

Varisian: Varisian is the language of the native Varisian people of Varisia. Vocabulary and grammar are based on a mix of Orc, Taldane, Giant, ancient Thassilonian and a now defunct proto-Varisian language. Varisian is rife with subtle double meanings, innuendo, and very slight graduations of meaning.

Vudrani: Vudrani is believed to have been born in the Dhavala River basin in distant Vudra, and has been heavily influenced by both Tien and Kelesh. Speakers tend to add many prefixes and suffixes in conversation, making for many difficult-to-pronounce and lengthy words. It is the primary language of Vudra, and people there believe that it is the tongue of the gods.

Ancient Osiriani: This precursor to modern Osiriani share many similarities and differs mainly in its hieroglyphics and lexicon.

Azlanti: One of the most widely spoken languages of its time, Azlanti became to basis for dozens of languages.

Jistka: Jistka's major contribution to modern languages is its alphabet.

Tekritanin: This language evolved with the founding of the Tekritanin League during the early millennia of the Age of Destiny, combining elements of many of the tribal desert languages spoken at that time in northern Garund. Many modern languages can trace elements back to Tekritanin, especially words concerning heat, desert, or governance.

Thassilonian: Only modern Varisian and Shoanti contain elements of this truly ancient language spoken in the Thassilonian Empire before the coming of the Age of Darkness. Scholars remember it chiefly as the first language to develop three grammatical genders and for using a complex alphabet made up of three separate runic systems.


Abyssal - language of demons and the abyss
Aquan - water elemental language
Auran - air elemental language
Avian - language of aarakocra and other intelligent flyers
Celestial - language of the upper planes
Draconic - dragons, lizardmen
Druidic - closely related to sylvan
Dwarven - Self explanatory
Elven - All elves speak closely related versions of the same language
Giant - All giants speak closely related versions of the same language
Gnomish - Self explanatory
Goblin - Spoken by goblins and their cousins hobgoblins and bugbears
Gnoll - Self explanatory
Halfling - Self explanatory
Ignan - fire elemental language
Infernal - language of the legions of hell
Kobold - Self explanatory
Orc - Self explanatory
Reptilian - language of nagas, yaun-ti, etc.
Sylvan - language of Centaurs, Dryads, Nixies, Pixies, Sprites, Treants, etc.
Terran - earth elemental language
Undercommon - language of the denizens of the Darklands

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