Kit: Pathfinder Delver

Class: Thieves or bards

Description: While many in the Pathfinder Society take the Pathfinder Chronicler kit, there are other, less common specialties that focus on death-defying exploration.

Not all Pathfinders are concerned with the telling of tales and the spinning of stories. Some are most at home treading ground untouched in years or even centuries, in search of the next challenge, the next dungeon, or the next ancient treasure. Pathfinder delvers prefer to leave the journaling to others and set off on a new grand adventure before the ink dries on the chronicles of their last.

Pathfinder delvers run the gamut from dedicated archaeologists to thrill-seeking adventurers to unprincipled tomb robbers. Their choice of companionship is similarly varied: some travel with other Pathfinders, some with any who’ll join them on their quests, and some go it alone, trusting skill and luck to bring them back alive. Nearly all share a love of knowledge and history, and would sooner see a historic find in the hands of another than destroyed or lost forever.

Requirements: Pathfinder delvers must be able to discern a dangerous situation from a lethal one and must be able to dodge those lethal situations. All Pathfinder delvers need a minimum Wisdom of 12 and Dexterity of 12.

Weapon proficiencies: Pathfinder delvers can be proficient in any weapons that fit with their adventuring class.

Nonweapon proficiencies: Bonus: Ancient history, local history. Recommended: Alertness, direction sense, survival underground (see the Complete Book of Dwarves), tumbling.

Equipment: Pathfinder delvers should start with a suit of leather armor and a shield. They should carry basic survival equipment such as ropes, pitons, a hammer, food supplies, waterskin, etc.

Special Benefits: They gain a +10% bonus to their Find and Remove traps skill. They also gain a +2 bonus to history checks regarding dungeons.

Special Hindrances: Pathfinder delvers have a -10% penalty to their Pick Pockets and Read Languages skills.

Wealth Options: Standard for their class.

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