Kit: Pathfinder Chronicler

Class: Any

Description: Pathfinder Chroniclers are members of the Pathfinder Society. Pathfinder chroniclers live to see what’s over the next mountain or to sail beyond the countries at the edge of a map. They yearn to discover new places, people, and wonders. And their wanderlust drives them ever on. They make perfect adventurers, never staying in one town for more than a few days or weeks. And they are always eager to explore ruins, abandoned temples, and cave complexes. Many Pathfinders chroniclers are demihumans who, not fitting into human-dominated towns, turned to traveling. Others are half-breeds, such as half-elves, half-orcs, and half-ogres, who found more acceptance in the wilderness than in either of their parent’s communities. Of course, there are human Pathfinder chroniclers, too, these leaving their homes simply because they had to know what’s out there.

Requirements: Pathfinder Chroniclers must have a minimum of 12 for Wisdom and Intelligence scores. This kit is open to all player character races and classes.

Weapon proficiencies: These characters can select any weapon proficiencies allowed their adventuring classes.

Nonweapon proficiencies: Bonus: Survival (choose two terrain types), direction sense, and reading/writing. Recommended: Fire-building, fishing, weather sense, seamanship, local history, ancient history.

Equipment: Pathfinders chroniclers are practical and try to carry all of their arms, armor, and belongings with them. They prize extra-dimensional spaces and magical carts and boxes such as: bags of holding, Heward’s handy haversacks, quivers of Ehlonna, portable holes, mouse carts, flatboxes, and more.

Benefits: One bonus non weapon proficiency.

Hindrances: These characters cannot stay in one place too long, calling no place home unless “home” is a ship or a covered wagon. Therefore, Pathfinder Chroniclers cannot spend more than a few weeks at best in any given city or keep.

Wealth: Pathfinder Chroniclers begin with the amount of gold allowed their character class.

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