Sable Company Marine

Based on the Skyrider Paladin kit

Class: Paladin and Ranger

Description: You graduated from the elite hippogriff-riding school of the Endrin Military Academy in Korvosa. Not only can you ride a hippogriff with great skill, but you may also bond with one.

Black Sable Marines must have a minimum Charisma of 14.

Weapon proficiencies: Black Sable Marines can select any weapons that fit with their adventuring professions. Weapons designed to be used while mounted are ideal. These include: lances, bow (any), horseman’s flail, horseman’s mace, horseman’s pick, spear, bastard sword, long sword, scimitar, morning star.

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Required: Animal lore, animal training, animal handling, riding (flying). Recommended: rope use, heraldry, bowyer/fletcher.

Equipment: Riders can select any weapons and other equipment that fits their adventuring class. They must wear armour that weighs 35 lbs or less and cannot use a shield.

Special Benefits:The Sable Company Marine has an amazing rapport with Hippogriffs.

The Sable Company Marine gets a +5 positive reaction adjustment whenever dealing with Hippogriffs. He finds it easy to make friends with them; on a die-roll result of 9 or less (on the "Hostile" column of the Encounter Reactions Table, Dungeon Master's Guide page 103), he can even persuade attacking Hippogriffs to leave him and his allies alone.

Additionally, the Sable Company Marine begins play in the campaign with a Hippogriff as his personal friend and mount. This Hippogriffs is devoted to him and will risk (or even sacrifice) its own life to save the character; and the character is expected to behave the same way toward his mount. (If he doesn't role-play this attachment to his animal, the DM should decide that the character has abandoned this Warrior Kit, as per the guidelines given later in this chapter.)

The Sable Company Marine has a telepathic rapport with his Hippogriff. When in contact or visual line of sight with his animal, he can tell what the beast is feeling, even thinking; he and the Hippogriff can communicate with one another without appearing to. When the two are not within line of sight with one another, each will know the other's emotional state and whether or not the other is hurt; each will know the direction to travel to find his friend, and the approximate distance (a hundred yards, an hour's travel, several days' travel, for instance).

If the Hippogriff ever dies, the Sable Company Marine can choose another as his companion. However, the DM must include this situation as part of the campaign story: The character must seek out another Hippogriff, and may only be satisfied with the healthiest, strongest, greatest examples of this animal (in other words, if the character appears to be content to settle with less, the DM tells him, "You sense you won't be able to bond with this animal … "); then there must be some sort of bonding ritual between beast and man (for example, a physical combat where the human must be able to saddle and ride the animal in spite of its spirited attempts to throw him). Only then can the character have his new animal.

When airborne, all nonmissile attacks made by either the bonded mount or the Skyrider receive a +1 modifier to hit. This includes attacks made against ground or airborne targets, along with all situations covered in the Aerial Combat rules in Chapter 9 of the DMG. For missile combat, use the following modifiers:
Hovering, less than 1/2 normal rate…..+1
1/2 to 3/4 normal rate…..0
Greater than 3/4 normal rate…..–2

Additionally, the Sable Company Marine receives a +2 bonus to Airborne Riding proficiency checks for feats involving his bonded Hippogriff.

Special Hinderances: The Sable Company Marine is part of a military organization based in Korvosa. Naturally, his employer makes many demands on the Marine. The Marine is subject to the orders of his officers.

Also, should the Sable Company Marine's hippogriff ever die, whether it's in the Marine's presence or far away, the Marine immediately takes 2d6 points of damage and must make a saving throw vs. spells. If he fails the saving throw, he behaves as if he were a magic-user hit with feeblemind for the next 2d6 hours. Even if he makes the saving throw, the player should role-play the character's reactions—he's just felt, through their telepathic link, the death of his beloved friend, after all. In addition, he will suffer a -2 penalty to all all attack, ability, and proficiency rolls for the next 2-8 weeks.

Wealth Options: The Sable Company Marine gets the ordinary 5d4x10 gp for starting gold. However, he must purchase special tack for his hippogriff that costs 50 gp. Like the Barbarian, however, he must spend it all (before starting play) except 3 gp or less.

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