1.Sephara was born a bastard to a noble family in Magnimar. Although raised by her Elven mother, her father was not a man who still believed in his responsibilities as a father, and thus provided the entrance fee for Sephara to attend the Mage's Academy there. It was during her schooling she learned studied ancient history and fell in love with it. Since graduating she has been doing research on the Thassalonian Empire, seeking to discover it's long lost secrets and is building a small reputation in the subject. After unearthing some remnants of the Thassalonians, Brodert Quink wrote to Sephara of the group's discovery, and she has ventured from Magnimar to Sandpoint to learn more.

2. Upon her arrival, she spent the night in conversation with Toran Stargazer and was delighted to find out that he seemed to have a fondness for books and history as well.

3. She scorns the worship of deities and thinks the practice to be for the foolish and ignorant. While she accepts that the bulk of the common folk believe in some God or Goddess, she has a particular aversion to priests and such.

4. She is good friends with Brodert Quink and has often helped her with her research. He is a good friend and mentor.

5. Her noble half-brother Roland Brightfist has tormented her since they were children and has never accepted her as part of their family.

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