Kit: Varisian Tattooed Sorcerer


Class: Channeller; must be Varisian

Description: Varisians are known for their unique mysticism. Tattooed Sorcerers bear intricate tattoos which inspire and empower their natural magical ability. These tattoos mark them as a worker of the ancient traditions of Varisian magic.

Special Benefits: Tattooed Sorcerers act as normal Channellers but each of their know spells are represented by mystical tattoos on their body.

Tattooed sorcerer's gain a familiar as Find Familiar for free at 2nd level. The familiar can transform into a tattoo on the Channeller which looks like a stylized version of itself.

Special Hinderances: A tattooed sorcerer is easily remembered and recognizable as being a Channeller. Also, someone who has the Spellcraft nonweapon proficiency can identify the tattooed sorcerer's spells by identifying the tattoos.

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