Toran Stargazer

Toran Stargazer faithful worshiper of the goddess Desna and orphan of the streets of Magnimar, Little More than a boy Toran has grown up for as long as he can remember on the streets of Magnimar. In his youth ward of whomever had the biggest heart, and since his coming of age ward of the Alley’s and Docks of Magnimar “forging” for whatever wares will help him live comfortably through the next week, And learning whatever he could from whomever would teach him, his favoured spoil was literature never was there a bigger smile on Torans face then when he came in the possession of a new book. Toran never had formal schooling so he would take what knowledge he could from the books he came across. Toran was never a greedy one only steeling what he had to for survival and perhaps skimming a little off the top of a far too wealthy merchant and sharing it with his fellows in the less well off sections of Magnimar. No friend of Torans knows his actual surname but Stargazer was given to him by Banak Goldmallut one of the local Dwarven Blacksmiths who would always catch the adolescent Toran behind his shop on clear nights hands in his pockets eyes to the sky in wonderment of the beautiful canvas of stars over the docks or Magnimar. Unfortunately for Toran he was recently forced to flee Magnimar after He was unceremoniously caught raiding the Library of one of the local Lords he managed to escape the city guard after his brief incarceration and wasted no time in making his way up the coast to the near by town of sand point which he had heard nothing but good things about, and if he makes good time he may even make Desna’s Swallowtail festival in time enough to do some celebrating for his new beginning.

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