Urgathoa (pronounced oor-gah-THO-ah) is the Varisian goddess of physical excess, disease, and the undead. She is mostly worshiped by dark necromancers, the undead, and those wishing to become undead. Sometimes those who live gluttonous lifestyles make supplication to her, as do those suffering from a serious illness.

Urgathoa is generally depicted as an attractive, pale-skinned, and ebony-haired woman. Unlike mortal women, her flesh begins to rot and wither away at her waist, leaving her as little more than a blood-soaked skeleton from the hips down. She is often similarly manifested, but wearing a loose fitting gown stained with black, brown, and red splotches.

Urgathoa's minions include powerful vampires, liches, and other intelligent, authoritative undead. Some female clerics of Urgathoa are transformed after death into undead creatures known as the Daughters of Urgathoa. One of the most famous of these terrifying creatures is Illcayna Alonnor, who leads an army of wights in the ruined Isgeri town of Finder's Gulch. Her divine servitor race are the sarcovalt, disgusting fly-like creatures that roam her realm feeding on the remains of devoured souls.

Priests of Urgathoa

REQUIREMENTS: Wisdom 9, Constitution 12. Wisdom or Constitution 16 means +5% experience; Wisdom and Constitution 16 means +10% experience.
WEAPONS: Scythe, dart, scourge, sickle, whip
SPHERES: Major Access to All, Animal, Charm, Healing (reversed forms of spells only), Necromantic (reversed forms of spells only), Plant, Summoning, Weather. Minor Access to Combat, Divination, Guardian, Protection (reversed forms of spells only, where applicable), Sun (reverse only).
MAGICAL ITEMS: Same as clerics
REQ. PROFS: Healing
BONUS PROFS: Herbalism

  • Laying On of Hands (same as the Paladin ability, but reversed — it does damage, rather than curing damage).
  • Immunity to disease - can still contract diseases and show symptoms but will not actually suffer any negative effects.
  • The priest can cast the detect good spell (the reversed detect evil ) three times per day in addition to all other spells.
  • Starting at first level, they affect three times the regular number of creatures per successful turning attempt (this translates to 6d6 undead)
  • the priest can also bestow a fatal disease with a touch (as the 3rd-level cleric spell cause disease, once per week for every five levels of experience, once at 5th level, twice at 10th level, etc).
  • Once a priest reaches 6th level, he or she gains the ability to fashion exceptional undead; any skeletons or zombies which are animated (either by skeletal servant or animate dead) gain an additional +1 hit point per hit die.
  • Starting at 9th level, the priests learn all of the secret rites that create powerful undead. They first learn how to make ghouls or ghasts (9th level). Then, at 12th level, they learn to create ju-ju zombies and mummies. Finally, at 16th level, they learn the secrets of vampirism and lichdom. All of these rites require numerous sacrifices (from 1–20 fresh corpses) and vast amounts of wealth in the form of rare components (1,000–20,000 gp). Even if both were available in unlimited quantities, the ritual can still only be performed once a month and creates but one undead creature.
  • Eventually, once a priest has received permission from his or her deity (usually after performing some notable deed or quest for the benefit of the religion), the priest will undergo the process of performing the transformation upon him- or herself, joining Urgathoa in (potentially) everlasting undeath. This is the ultimate dream for many such priests.
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