Vardinil is a male elf who grew up in a small town in the Lurkwood. His parents, minor nobles sent to the Lurkwood to settle the small town of Evergreen, arrived with Vardinil and his 4 brothers 12 years ago, and quickly set up the town with 17 other families who had agreed to move.
Initially, things went well for Vardinil and his family; the town of Evergreen was succesful as a forestry town, his parents were well liked by everyone who came to settle the town, and, because Vardinil was the 4th of 5 sons, he was given the freedom to choose his own path in life.
Vardinil decided to enter the military, feeling that this would be the best way to serve his elven kingdom, and left home to return to the Mierani Forest to train. With his higher than normal intelligence and strength, he was quickly singled out to train as a fighter/mage, which also brought a certain amount of honour to his family.
Unfortunately, life would hand Vardinil a series of difficult situations to deal with. Two years into his training, word came to him that his entire family, with the exception of his next oldest brother Avensoril, had been assassinated in their home. Avensoril himself had been injured in the attack, although he managed to kill one of the attackers. Upon recovering, Avensoril, with the blessing of the other families in Evergreen, took over the mantle of town mayor.
Vardinil left his training to return home, only to discover through some of his childhood friends that Avensoril had ordered the town guard to arrest him should Vardinil return home. Avensoril had implicated Vardinil in the murders, and although no evidence was present, the townspeople were willing to believe the accusations.
Vardinil fled Evergreen, all the while suspecting Avensoril had had something to do with the murders. Vardinil made his way to the Hollow Mountain Isle, attempting to both elude capture and continue his training, as well as to recover from the grief that threatened to drown him.
He would spend 4 years on the island, hiding from the locals, occasionally helping to deal with a problem monster in the area. Because of his self-induced exile, Vardinil was a very taciturn and distant person when he finally came out of hiding.
Although not confirmed, Vardinil believes that his brother has sent assassins to either capture or kill him, and is extremely distrustful of other elves. He tends to either avoid contact altogether, or if this is impossible, to use an alias to try and throw off any would-be pursuers.
Vardinil has recently surfaced in the town of Sandpoint, deciding that he needed to do some travelling, in the hopes that he could learn more about his brother, as well as to grow strong enough to eventually return to challenge his brother for leadership of Evergreen.

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